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Updated: Feb 2, 2022

A few weeks ago, I kicked off this blog with a reintroduction and I shared the purpose behind WAKE+RAVE:

I’m ready to build something new – a crusade of inclusion, connection, and empowerment through music and movement. An experience where you can show up and be exactly who you are, exactly as you are, in community with others showing up as their authentic selves. A place where you can shake off the bullshit of oppressive structures created to keep most of us down. A space where you can let loose, have some fun, and envision a world where you love yourself and others enough to work for true justice and equity.

I reflect on this purpose every day and ask how well am I walking this talk? I identify and celebrate where my strides are strong, and I recognize and refine where I need improvement.

I realized that if I truly want WAKE+RAVE to be accessible TO EVERYONE - to be fully INCLUSIVE - I need to eliminate every barrier within my control. So I've decided to offer it at no cost every week from now until forever. No need for any special links or any promo codes - just use the regular event link to reserve your spot for all sessions you want to attend.

Sure, there are barriers to attending WAKE+RAVE that are beyond my control, and there are still other barriers within my control that I haven't seen yet. But I'll find them, and I'll tear them down too. I'm committed to tearing that shit all the way down and contributing to a community centered in justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging - both on and off the dance floor. Like I've said before, WAKE + RAVE is more than just a morning dance party. It’s a justice crusade.

If you joined us for any of the four January WAKE+RAVEs tell everyone about it in the comments! What was it like? How did you feel? How did you slay your day afterwards?

If you've not yet attended a WAKE+RAVE, and are willing and able to give it a shot, I can't wait to see you there. I promise Wednesday will become your favorite day of the week...

NOTE: Even though WAKE+RAVE is free, you still have to register - use this link!

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