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You can choose love

The first session of the WAKE+RAVE [online] reboot online was legit perfection.

Don’t believe me? Here are some comments from the chat:

“BEST morning!”

“My office feels like a club!”

Axel F is so underrated!”

(I agree.)

Some people joined just to kickstart their day with a sweaty dance party, but others raved along while packing lunches, ironing, caffeinating, or walking the dog. One person joined from the UK on their lunch break. That’s right, y’all, WAKE+RAVE is already international!

I went into week two feeling super confident. For 40 minutes, I dropped some hot jams and mixed some of my favorite songs and was gearing up to tear the roof off before starting to wind down.

And then the stream stopped. No more video. No more music. Just…gone.

It only took me a couple minutes to realize this was 100% user error and 100% a rookie mistake. I had accidentally used my free Zoom account (which puts a 40- minute time limit on sessions) to set up the session link.


Now I had two choices here…I could choose my usual path of beating the crap out of myself for making such a simple, silly mistake…or I could deal with it and move on.

To my own surprise, I dealt with it and moved on. And I wanted to tell you that regardless of what your past patterns have been, you can do that too. When shit goes wrong, you have the power to choose not to beat yourself up over it; to choose to be kind to yourself; to choose to see that shit as a bump in a long road and to deal with it and move on without making it about who you are as a person. You can still love yourself even when you've messed up. I know you can do it because – trust me – if I can do it, anyone can.

And, if you’re having a tough time shaking off mistakes you’ve made or loving yourself well enough, I’d like to invite you to WAKE+RAVE with me some Wednesday morning. It’s more than just an AM dance party…it’s a self-love, community-focused revolution.

Will we get things “right” all the time? Nah. Can we love ourselves and each other fiercely whether things go “right” or “wrong”? Yup, we sure can. And the more we choose love, the better this whole being human thing is for all of us.

Still two Wednesdays left in January to get your WAKE+RAVE on for FREE with promo code GETSKOOCHED.


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